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Professional Services

Professional Services

Professional Services

Today, many vendors focus on centralizing “Islands of Data” on client server architecture. UniversalClinical Technologies can work to bring together these islands of data from the past and provide a future strategy.

Project Management

Project Management

Project Management is often misunderstood and undervalued. We find in the medical world most projects are not managed appropriately and implemented poorly with governance, resources and technical issues being vital.

Data Migration Services

Data Migration Services

UniversalClinical Technologies uses the latest migration tools which are continually enhanced and designed to be robust and flexible to meet the individual and sometimes challenging needs of our customers.

Clinical Workflow Products

Reconciliation Gateway

Teleradiology Gateway

We partner with Radiology and Teleradiology groups, to provide a flexible and robust service offering in the electronic interchange of medical records between organizations.

DICOM Content Router

Radiology Content Router

A clinical policy engine driven through any DICOM/HL7 meta-data to facilitate routing, aggregation, and federation of DICOM/HL7 objects. UniversalClinical Technologies enables users to customise packages that best suit individual environments.