UniversalClinical Technologies

Our Story

UniversalClinical Technologies was founded in 2009 with a mission to improve the interoperability of healthcare information systems. Deriving, from a sound belief that we can improve the quality of patient care by making it easier for institutions to quickly and effectively exchange a patient’s health records with other health organizations. We pride ourselves in delivering solutions that not only delivers interoperability, speed and security, but also solutions that enables healthcare organizations to provide a higher level of patient care.

Building the company on a foundation of deep technical, business and healthcare experience. Leveraging the company’s proven experience and excellence, by delivering mission-critical services and solutions to healthcare institutions around the globe. We have brought together a leadership team of diverse Health Informatics executives, from around the sector to deliver the most advanced healthcare integration services offered.

“Time and time again UniversalClinical Technologies have proven themselves to be a valuable and reliable Partner to Acuo Technologies.

As a certified Distributor of Acuo's software and services UniversalClinical Technologies provides design, planning, implementation, and long term maintenance of these components. UniversalClinical Technologies provide an export source for Acuo's software and services and they are very creative and cost effective delivering consistent results to UniversalClinical (and Acuo's) customers.”

Chief Operating Officer, Chief Strategy Officer
Acuo Technologies