UniversalClinical Technologies

DICOM Content Router

A clinical policy engine driven through any DICOM meta-data to facilitate routing, aggregation, and federation of DICOM objects. Through Tag Rule Routing the user is able to customize the DICOM tags and tag values and create tag rule definitions to control image sources and routing.
Primary Functionality:

  • DICOM Dictionary based (standard and private)
  • Learning DICOM dictionary, capable of learning DICOM compliance of each device, DICOM private tags,
    and HIS/RIS connected DICOM tag values
  • Rules Based Content Routing
  • Route by any DICOM tag, standard or private
  • Route by SCP AE
  • Schedulable route destinations, capable of caching data for later delivery
  • Batched image delivery includes a tightly controlled management GUI offering guaranteed image delivery
  • Easy-to-use configuration GUI
  • Remote Management (MMC or RDP)
  • Patent Pending XML based routing schema for the most demanding, high performance environments
  • Powerful logging capabilities
  • Centralise tag rules through a distributed group of DICOM Routers

Optional Functionality:

Features enable users to customise packages that best suit individual environments:

  • Compression – compress data by router destination using lossless or specific Q factor lossy compression
  • HIS/RIS connection to learn DICOM tag content
    • If connected, the router is able to derive DICOM tag information from HIS/RIS events and save it to an XML database.Using HIS/RIS connection to build, update, and populate DICOM tag information that is stored on and used by the DICOM Router. This capability allows automatic DICOM tag customisation information to be built from the events and data gathered by the DICOM Router by monitoring traffic on a HIS/RIS system connection.

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