UniversalClinical Technologies

Project Management

Project Management is often misunderstood and undervalued.  We find in the medical world most projects are not managed appropriately and implemented poorly with governance, resources and technical issues being vital. 

The process of implementation begins even before purchasing a product. Because every environment is unique and has custom processes and procedures a properly trained project manager with years of experience can drastically improve your outcome. After carrying out an initial assessment we begin to develop a project plan that encompasses not only the required software changes, but also ICT infrastructure, user training, and resource management.

Our primary goal is to help our customers deliver the best possible patient care. We do this by enabling our customers to deliver the most from their Radiology system (PACS or RIS) and work with interfacing to other clinical and hospital systems. This has been proven to increase patient satisfaction levels while reducing the tedious job of data entry for clinical staff. For instance, some standard interfacing for Radiology systems consist of:

  • Exam Ordering and Clinical Results
  • Digital Dictation
  • Billing and Business Office
  • Medical Records
  • Document Scanning
  • DICOM Modality Work List
  • Web Portal

Ensuring that a project comes together for Go Live is a demanding exercise.   A successful project has a complete project plan with specific deliverables.  UniversalClinical Technologies brings together both technical and clinical expertise which is a key component to all successful system implementations.


Please contact us to discuss your project requirements.